become a master in fundraising

become a master in fundraising

It’s true, €1,000 sounds like a lot of money to raise. But what if we told you it’s easier than you think? The truth is, people love helping others support a good cause. Even small amounts add up quickly. Take a look below – these are the amounts you can raise while having fun. 

tip #1
raise €1,000 just by sending a personal message

Fact: the most effective fundraising technique is a personal direct message. You can use any channel you like best, or one where you have most contacts. WhatsApp works particularly well! 

‘But,’ you may say, ‘I feel uncomfortable asking people for money. I just don’t know how to do it.’

It’s simple! Just tell them honestly why you’re doing it. You can say you set yourself new fitness goal, and you decided to support a great charity at the same time. Or that you really believe in what World Bicycle Relief is doing. Or that you do a lot of cycling anyway, so you want to use your cycle powers to change some lives. 

Your friends, family and colleagues will admire your personal commitment, and they’ll also be reassured you’re not going to spend the money on a new TV. 

Let’s do the math: 

  • send a message to 10 contacts asking for €100 each – you raise €1,000
  • send a message to 20 contacts asking for €50 each – you raise €1,000
  • send a message asking people to donate €10 each and to forward your message to their contacts to support you – you raise at least €1,000

Don’t underestimate the power of social media. Post a message on any channel, and you’ll reach even more people. 

TIP: give your messages an extra boost by adding a picture of yourself on a bike while fundraising for World Bicycle Relief. It really works! 

tip #2
raise €500 by hosting a dinner party or BBQ

Fact: people love food, especially food they didn’t have to cook themselves. And if you ask them to pay less than they would at a restaurant, how can they say no? 

Tell them you are throwing a charity dinner (add your personal reason here), and ask them to come. 

Let’s do the math: 

  • invite 20 friends with a €25 donation each – you raise €500
  • repeat dinner party – you raise another €500

Take pictures of the event and share on social media to remember this great day!

TIP: be smart with grocery shopping to keep as much of the profit as possible. Ask one person to bring drinks instead of making a donation.

tip #3 
raise €200 by hosting a movie night 

You watch movies at home anyway. Why not add a few friends and fundraise at the same time? 

A movie ticket costs anywhere between €7 to €13 (and that’s before popcorn!) Charge €10, throw in some snacks, and you are on your way to the target! 

Raise the fun factor by drawing the name of the film out of a hat, or finding the weirdest title on Netflix. 

Let’s do the math: 

  • invite 20 friends with a €10 donation each – you raise €200
  • invite 10 friends with a €20 donation each – you raise €200

TIP: don’t have enough seats for everyone at home? Have a karaoke party at a local venue, and ask the owner to donate a percentage of drink sales from the party.

tip #4
raise €200 with a luxury item raffle

There might be something with a designer label in your closet, or something vintage in your mum’s closet. Vintage shops are a treasure trove of designer labels for less than you expect. Or you can ask any store to donate something. Also, if you work for a company that makes stuff, ask if they will sponsor you with an item or a goodie bag. 

Let’s do the math: 

  • raffle 40 tickets for €5 each – you raise €200
  • raffle 20 tickets for €10 each – you raise €200 

TIP 1: if you have two items – one for ladies and one for gents – you can raise double the money on the same auction

TIP 2: got many items? Hold an auction and let people bid instead of buying raffle tickets. You could raise an amount far beyond your expectations.