two routes designed for you

Steven Rooks, champion cyclist and our team leader, has designed two different routes to suit your needs and to help you challenge yourself. During the event, all participants will be split into groups, so you will join a team of riders with similar abilities. 

Whether you’re a beginner cyclist looking for an adventurous challenge, or an experienced cyclist ready to take on the kilometers (and the hills), we have a route for you with zero boredom guaranteed. 

The routes are similar in terms of distance, but the tracks will be significantly different. Which one is for you? 

the main route – 495 km

This route is ideal for beginner cyclists. To be able to complete this journey of 495km in four days, you should have cycled at least twice a week in the last three months. On this route, expect flat roads, less challenging surfaces, and fewer cobblestone areas. 

  • 1st day distance – 137 km 
  • 2nd day distance – 118 km
  • 3rd day distance – 132 km
  • 4th day distance – 108 km 

Read more about the main route here.

the challenging route – 537 km

This route is for experienced cyclists, who have done at least 2,000 km of riding in the last three months. The journey will cover 570 km over four days. On this route, expect more hills, more cobblestones, and challenging tracks.

  • 1st day distance – 137 km
  • 2nd day distance – 140 km
  • 3rd day distance – 150 km
  • 4th day distance – 108 km

Read more about the challenging route here.