World Bicycle Relief

World Bicycle Relief

mobilising citizens to help shorten the distance between people and opportunities

World Bicycle Relief envisions a world where distance is never a barrier to education, healthcare, or independence. One simple item can help topple this barrier by making a new future possible – a bicycle. 

World Bicycle Relief mobilises people through The Power of Bicycles, as well as their Bicycles for Educational Empowerment Program (BEEP) to help people conquer the challenges of distance, achieve independence and thrive. 

It’s no surprise this charity really tugged at the strings of the collective citizenM hearts. Our guests travel the world, explore cities, and reach most destinations easily. It got us thinking: what makes us so lucky? The answer is ‘mobility’. It’s even in our name. For us, mobility is readily accessible, something we don’t really think about. But for some, mobility is not only hard to achieve, it’s also a luxury they simply cannot afford. 

Thinking about these challenges led us to establish our charity: the citizenMovement Foundation. It’s founded on one of our values: real caring. We thought real caring shouldn’t just stay within our four walls. It should make a difference to people who have never been, and perhaps never will be, citizenM guests. 

In 2018, citizenMovement supported WBR with 1,000 bikes. In 2019, we committed to support WRB with 2,500 bikes. We continue to raise funds through housekeeping savings in the hotels (where our guests can opt out of a room cleaning, and the money we save goes to citizenMovement), and our annual high-profile cycling event fundraiser from Paris to Rotterdam. This cycling event gives citizenMovement an opportunity to support WBR at a much higher level. 

A bicycle means better attendance, improved academic performance, and a higher chance of staying in school. What took hours on foot can now be completed in minutes, thanks to WBR. And while we are big believers in this great cause, we also believe charitable giving should be simple. Join the cycling fundraising event, sponsor us, or donate to this great cause.